Penthouse is Pattaya City Beach Resort's Most Lesbian Friendly Hotel centrally located for the GirlGirl Community near Jomtien Beach Walking Street Soi BJ 6 7 8 Buakhao Buakow for partying with sexy curious girls of Kitten Club and Ladyboy LB of Pattaya Obsessions.
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Pattaya's Most Lesbian Friendly Hotel and Nightclub Bar A Go Go   The Penthouse Hotel, The Kitten Club & Pattaya Obsessions offer a discrete location for you (and your partner) to indulge your fantasies. We hope your stay will be a memorable experience, ..... often repeated at Thailand's most sought after location .........

Indulge in your fantasies at The Penthouse Hotel, which has often been highlighted as one of the most Lesbian Friendly Hotel in Pattaya and centrally located around the legendary nightlife spots such as Soi PattayaFunland, Soi LK Metro, BJ, 6, 7, 8, Soi Buakhao / Buakow, Soi Diana Inn, Walking Street and Jomtien.
The Penthouse Hotel - "Freedom with Discretion"
For those who enjoy shopping, we're surrounded by Pattaya's most famous shopping malls such as Royal Garden Plaza, Central Pattaya Beach, Mike Shopping Mall, The Avenue and so on.....

The Kitten Club & Pattaya Obsessions are a premium and discrete choice for you and (and your partner) to party till late !
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Pattaya's Most Lesbian Friendly Hotel, The Penthouse
Hotel for Lesbians in Pattaya Jomtien Soi LK Metro BJ 6 7 8 Buakhao Buakow Soi Diana Inn PattayaFunland
Just Dream....
and your fantasies ....
Swimming Pool and Spa   Swimming Pool and Spa
become .... reality !
Go on .... Spoil yourself in the bubbles .... and turn on the Jacuzzi ....
Great with friends !
The Penthouse Hotel (the Kitten Club & Pattaya Obsessions) respects the laws of Thailand and the culture and dignity of her people.
The FUN is what YOU make it ... just DO it! ...
We do not discriminate on people's sexuality / creed or religious beliefs or indeed any form of racial discrimination.
We are also an equal opportunities employer.
One's lifestyle choice, is a purely personal matter and is no business of concern of The Penthouse Hotel / Management or Staff and should not contravene the laws and customs of Thailand.


  • Penthouse Hotel (Thailand) has no connection with the "Penthouse" (Magazines) whatsoever, implied or otherwise intended whatsoever, and should not in anyway be so construed.
  • The Penthouse Hotel & Kitten Club & Pattaya Obsessions will not accept responsibility for any website that claims to be associated actual or implied, with The Penthouse Hotel, or indeed, with the Kitten Club and Pattaya Obsessions which are separate legal jurisdictions and its associated facilities in Pattaya Thailand or elsewhere, without the express authorization in writing of the Managing Director.
  • The management reserves the right to withhold or deny goods and services to anyone; without prior recourse to civil or criminal law, at their discretion.
  • Prostitution in Thailand is illegal, no text should be construed as being an invitation to sexual activities paid or otherwise.
  • Illegal drugs are prohibited in Thailand and will not be tolerated at The Penthouse Hotel.
  • Use of the Internet/Website and/or its Services, it is agreed the Rules and Regulations of the Penthouse Hotel, Kitten Club and Pattaya Obsessions Management apply in all cases. The Terms, Conditions and Specifications, Rules and Regulations are subject to change without prior notice, and will be interpreted within Thai Jurisdiction, only.
  • Alcohol consumption in any vehicle in Thailand is illegal.