F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions about The Penthouse Hotel on Pattaya city beach in Thailand.
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Frequently Asked Questions about The Penthouse Hotel, Pattaya and Thailand in general.

Below is a very common and regularly asked list of Frequently Asked Questions about The Penthouse Hotel and for that matter, Pattaya and Thailand in general. We endeavour to keep this section well updated but please use the answers with caution as they may some times not be up-to-date and to be absolutely certain about an answer which matters to you the most, we strongly recommend to contact us in order to verify if the answer to the question is still accurate and we will be glad to reply.

Or if you have questions which are not covered in these F.A.Q. then please feel free to contact us. We are simply an e-mail away!

Just click / tap on a question to view the relative answer.
We hope these FAQs are helpful for you to further understand the concept and luxury in hospitality that The Penthouse strives to provide.

How many Swimming pools do you have?

Two, an Indoor Fun Swimming Pool and an Outdoor Splash Pool.

Are you a "Guest Friendly Hotel"? What is your Joiner Policy?

Yes and we have been voted as the Most Guest Friendly of Hotels in Pattaya for many years by several reputable Blogs and Forums both from the Travel & Tourism Industry and in general. The Penthouse Hotel is as Guest Friendly as it gets!
Generally, there is, No Joiner Fee, and a "One Bed" Room / Suite is either for, One Guest plus Two Joiners, No Charge ... OR ... One Couple plus One Joiner, No Charge.
Duplex / Two Bed Room Suites, occupancy would be twice as much.
Triplex / Three Bed Room Suites, occupancy would be thrice as much.
Please note that Photo I.D.s are required.
For a much detailed explanation, kindly view "Guest Friendly".

Are you located near the Pattaya Beach Road?

Yes, just a moment's walk or approximately 75 metres. As some of our Guests would describe "A stone's throw away from the beach!"

Does the Pool Deck only have two categories of Rooms & Suites?

The Pool Deck actually comprises of 4 categories, namely, Pool Deck Premiere, Pool Deck Superior, one of only - Party Patpong and also one of only - Babylon Spa Suite.

Are you indeed near the Walking Street?

Yes, just some moments walk or approximately 125 metres is the entrance of Walking Street from The Penthouse. We are in Soi (Street) Penthouse which is also known as Soi 13/4 or Soi Pattayaland 2 and this is the street / Soi just before the entrance of Walking Street. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the nightlife and yet relax when you wish.

Why should I select your Transportation services?

Better value, especially round-trips.
More safety, hassel free. (it only needs one bad experience). Protection from bogus and illegal operators. Avoiding Abusive and Drunk Drivers by utilising Substance and Alcohol-Free, Professional Chauffeurs.
More comfort (Refreshments and Cold Towels provided on all journeys to The Penthouse).
Reliable Service (no missed flights).
Retrieval of lost properties (iPhones, iPads, Sun Glasses) often left in the 'cabs' and are seldom retrieved when traveled with outside / unknown cab sources.

... And believe us, these are only! just some of the issues!

Can I book directly with you? How do I make an Online Reservation?

Yes, we have our own Online Booking System which facilitates and simplifies your booking process by exempts the unnecessary hassle to book through third-parties. In the above menu, click / tap on 'Book Now' and visit the 'Reservations' section to book online directly with us. We do provide two separate E-Commerce Portals, should you experience any difficulties with either, they are www.PenthouseHotel.com and www.PattayaFunland.com @ "Reservations", or for multiple non-similar Room / Suite categories and special requirements @ "Payments / Deposits" section should be used along with e-mail clarification.

Which Rooms and Suites have a balcony?

Accommodation with balconies is a requirement by most travelers in Pattaya. The Penthouse Rooms & Suites with (optional) balcony would be "Patpong", "Penthouse Relax 2", "Party Patpong", "Babylon Spa Suite", "Penthouse Babylon Champagne Garden", "Siam Suite Duplex", "Siam Royal Suite Duplex", "Babylon Spa Party Duplex", "Penthouse Babylon Champagne Garden Duplex" and "Babylon Spa Party Triplex".
Please specify at the time of booking that you require a balcony and we will be glad to oblige.
Categories on Pool Deck also provide the Pool Deck as your balcony.

Is Mineral Water free? And the basics such as toileteries?

Yes, two bottles per divan per night; and yes again, apart from the usual Towels, Hand Towels we also provide free Penthouse Trademarked Soap Bars, Shower Gel, Shampoo and Conditioner.

Is Breakfast included?

Yes, an extensive choice of A La Carte Breakfast Menu Sets to chose from, including some Healthy / Vegetarian options.

Is Mineral Water free? And the basics such as toileteries?

Yes, two bottles per divan per night; and yes again, apart from the usual Towels, Hand Towels we also provide free Penthouse Trademarked Soap Bars, Shower Gel, Shampoo and Conditioner.

What about Wi-Fi, is it included? Is WiFi accessible in my Room / Suite? How about access in the Public Areas?

Yes, ... Yes and ... Yes again! Complimentary Wi-Fi is included and accessible everywhere in the Hotel including in the privacy of your Room / Suite and public areas such as the Lobby / Lounge, Pool Deck, Restaurant, Indoor Fun Pool, Outdoor Splash Pool and adjacent Nightclubs etc.

Is there any tax on the tariff?

Yes, a 7% Government VAT on Rooms & Sites and on Transportation a 10% Service and 7% Government VAT will be applicable.

Are the base charges applied in Thai Baht Currency?

Yes, all charges are applied in Thai Baht equivalent to your card's usual operating currency although both of our portals now allow you to switch to your default currency while making the final payment. The exchange rates would be decided by your card issuer.

Do you do any maintenance work?

Of course, like all hotels (and any other business!) routine maintenance needs to be carried out as and when, if the standard of the Rooms & Suites are to be maintained or even improved.
We do however (unlike so many others) only schedule maintenance that might disturb our valued Guests, to be carried out between 2pm and 5pm in the afternoon when hopefully most are enjoying the beaches, shopping and all the other attractions that this Resort City has to offer.
Sometimes, of course the unavoidable happens and we have to react as the situation demands, but generally do not allow "disturbing" maintenance during the night, or indeed in the mornings that would inconvenience.

Is the Restaurant open 24 hours? Can you serve in my Room?

Yes, the Restaurant is open 24 hours and we can certainly serve your ordered Food & Drinks in your Room / Suite. Just dial '0' and the operator will be glad to take your order.

Why are the Rooms & Suites undervalued?

Because we prefer to provide value for money.

Is the Restaurant open 24 hours? Can you serve in my Room or Suite?

Yes, the Restaurant is open 24 hours and we can certainly serve your ordered Food & Drinks in your Room / Suite. Just dial '0' and the operator will be glad to take your order.

I prefer a discreet payment option which would not show The Penthouse's name on my statement, do you have such an option?

Yes, our sister site www.PattayaFunland.com (link opens in a new window), is especially introduced for this very purpose. Plus you can also utilise Bank-To-Bank (Wire) Transfer and Western Union payment options, details of which can be obtained by simply contacting us.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

We would be glad to offer complimentary (free) early check-in in case your originally reserved Room / Suite is available at the time of arrival. Although, the usual check-in time is at 14:00 hrs., (2 PM) and check-out at 12:00 hrs., (mid-day). If your reserved Room / Suite is unavailable at the time of arrival, early check-in (depending on availability) in a different Room / Suite could normally be made available at 50% Room / Suite Tariff and you would then be able to relocate to your originally reserved Room / Suite at 14:00 hrs (2PM) or when prepared and available. Of course, when our Transportation Services are utilised, both to and from The Penthouse Hotel, we do tend to be a little more lenient on both early check-in and late check-out if it is at all possible!

Am I and my belongings safe at The Penthouse Hotel?

We do provide Electronic Safety Boxes in every Room & Suite and for still further security, safe, Safe Boxes are available at the Reception / Front Desk. We offer CCTV Security Surveillance 24/7 along with Security Personnel. Guest IDs are both required and vetted for your peace of mind.

Do you ID my Joiners?

Of course, and for your own safety. There can be no exceptions to this.

Are Freelancers safe?

Debatable! But we have covered this matter in more depth in the Nite Watch part of Joiners / Freelancers section.

Several forums and blogs about Pattaya are reporting Water Scarcity, what’s your ‘Plan B’ ?

The Penthouse Hotel has installed some 20,000 imperial gallons of water both underground and in roof-top tanks. In the event of City Water not being available we are self-sufficient therefore for some one or two days, during which time we would always seek other sources of private supply. After all, if you play hard! an abundant supply of Room / Suite Water is always appreciated, and even delivered at a pleasurable pressure!

Pattaya's Boutique Adult Hotel Accommodation with two in-house Nightclub and Bars. Enjoy the Thai Nightlife as you stay at the Penthouse Hotel on Pattaya bech. Located short walking distance from Walking Street, Soi 6 and Soi L.K. Metro. " the FUN is what YOU make it ... "